Wearable Tech

Students learned about the innovative new field and technological possibilities of Wearable Tech. This inspired them to work in teams to create a fashion accessory or wearable art piece that lights up with LED’s using simple circuitry. They reviewed and applied what they learned about circuitry in science earlier in the year to create illuminating artwork! They created bracelets, bowties, hair clips, hats and prototype dresses that lit up. Reviewing simple circuits with help from Jie Qi’s Circuit Sticker Sketchbook they used conductive thread, copper tape, coin cell batteries, imagination and problem-solving skills to integrate a light into their designs. Prior to this project only %10 of students knew what Wearable Tech was.

The teacher saw the impact it made on the students to be exposed to these new techniques and materials. It also excited her to learn about the possibilities of integrating science concepts into her teaching.





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