How to Make Your Mind Move

Cambridge Creativity Commons in partnership with Catalyst Conversations invite you to the 3rd Annual STEAM Conversation April 21st, 3-5pm at Lesley University College of Art and Design.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 4.00.23 PM

Join choreographers/dancers Peter DiMuro and Jody Weber and scientist/dancer Terina-Jasmine Alladin from the Science Club for Girls as they demonstrate how the movement of our bodies can help us understand the world around us. Join us for a dynamic conversation followed by a dance party to express your own creative moves! This event is an El STEAM Collaboration.

Kinetic Sculpture with 8th grade artist/scientists!

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We are very excited our project was featured on the Cambridge Public Schools Facebook page! This project was based on using ‘Forces at a Distance’ electricity, electromagnetism, magnetism and gravity to create a kinetic sculpture. Students were given a wide variety of materials and tools to create with, including use of power tools, batteries, decorative materials and their own imagination! Continue reading Kinetic Sculpture with 8th grade artist/scientists!

Cambridge River Festival!

This year CCC made its debut appearance at the 34th annual Cambridge River Festival organized by the Cambridge Arts Council (CAC). It was a day filled with interactive art-making, river serpents and quite a bit of wind to cool us off – but also make papers fly! Thanks to my hardy volunteers we secured and exhibited student work, Doffie Arnolds abstract and figurative paintings and set up a great space for children and families to come make art. Our activities included making paper river serpents using paper bags and streamers and participating in a collaborative painting of a large river serpent. The painted serpent is living at the CCC studio – but hoping to hang it in a more public venue soon! The River Festival was a great way to showcase the work of Cambridge students and highlight our strong Cambridge partnerships which include the CAC, Cambridge Community Foundation, Cambridge Public Schools, Lesley University and the Art Institute of Boston.

The quote of the day (or even month!) was by Torren, 7yrs, “When I’m painting, nothing feels impossible” – absolutely priceless!