Project Gallery

Earth’s Forces Unite!
8th Grade Science  

Applying the earth’s forces of gravity, magnetism, electricity and electromagnetism small groups of students collaborated to create socially aware products for identified audiences. The science room was set up as a makerspace encouraging use of an array of nontraditional classroom tools and materials.  Using elements of art and design to appeal to the user they finished with a short ad made in iMovie. See More…


Wearable Tech
8th grade Visual Art

WearableTech2016Looking at artists and designers in the Wearable Tech field students were inspired to integrate creative expression and functionality into a wearable piece by applying knowledge of circuits and use of LED lights to make a visual impact. See More…




Moon Phase Stop-Motion Animation
6th Grade Science  

Students represent the 8 moon phases through stop-motion animation. They engage in the process of story-boarding, digital photography, iMovie programming and blending their own creative twist into the project. See More 


Plate Tectonics Claymation
6th Grade Science                                                          

Plate TectonicsStudents use the process of stop-motion claymation to explore the scientific content of plate tectonics. They research historic natural events such as the San Francisco Earthquake, the formation of the Himalayas and the Tohuku earthquake and tsunami; create models of plates with their own creative expression; photograph the models; and use Scratch, a computer coding program to animate their frames. See More 

Interactive Eco-Systems
6th Grade Science                                                        

Piloted with 6th grade science in 2014, Interactive Eco-Systems is a project integrating science, art and technology to learn about forest ecostystems. It will be implemented across the entire Cambridge Public Schools (CPS) in 2015/16 with support from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Creativity/Innovation Grant. See More

This project was exhibited at the first annual White House Maker Faire in 2014.

“Our School” Putnam Avenue Upper School  
School–Wide Mural                                                          

Our SchoolFunded by a STARS Residency grant from the Mass Cultural Council, CCC collaborated with the art teacher at PAUS to create a school-wide (grades 6-8) mural influenced by the 5 core values passion, perseverance, ownership and pride and how they can be represented in our bodies through poses. Inspired by artists Diego Riveria and Keith Harring students embodied their own poses to draw figures, fill them in with abstract designs and paste them to the painted background. See More

Creativity Lab!
8th Grade Students

Creativity Lab! Exhibit 2016In partnership with Cambridge Art Association and Gately Youth Center, Creativity Lab! began in 2014. It is an 8-week program for pre-teen and middle school youth to explore various types of art-making and creative processes with professional artists and scientists. See More


Central Elements
Cambridge Science Festival!                                     

Central ElementsEast End House (EEH) and Cambridge Creativity Commons teamed to lead a STEAM-focused project ‘Central Elements’ for the Cambridge Science Festival! in 2014. CCC and EEH answered the call for artist/scientist teams to join forces and create artwork relating to the periodic table of elements. See More