Earth’s Forces Unite!

8th grade students learn about the earth’s forces – magnetism, electricity, electromagnetism and gravity by combining scientific principles, art elements and social awareness. Providing them with a range of building materials such as wood, wire, styrofoam, fabric, hammers and nails as well as batteries, magnets, LED lights and motors students used their imagination to create products that will benefit a chosen audience. Their final project combined all of earth’s forces and artistic elements such as unity, rhythm, balance and personal expression in the form of a sales pitch, filmed and edited in iMovie for social media. Students created ‘sleeper-waker-uppers’ for 9th graders, stage lights powered by graphite for performers, light-up glasses for Paleolithic hunters and electric ‘aMAZEing’ games for characters in their ELA novels. Throughout the project their were cheers and comments such as “I can’t believe I figured that out!


Electricity_Suchy 1Magnetism_Suchy 2Magnetism Suchy 4Magnetism Suchy 3Electricity Suchy 9