Central Elements – Cambridge Science Festival! Photomontage on Mass Ave

photo 1 photo 2East End House and Cambridge Creativity Commons have teamed up to provide their combined expertise in STEAM education (Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math).  Focusing on the compound NaCl (table salt), 6th-8th graders learned about the period table and basic compounds… especially reactions!  As a culmination of their learning, the students dyed their own NaCl and took pictures of the arrangements and art pieces they made.  In addition to the art itself, students learned about the process of assembling an art installation and how to transport and install large scale pieces while taking space calculations into account.  In every way, the project was a successful STEAM education immersion!

The final photomontage is 10′ x 5′ and will be installed at 297 Mass Ave from April 20 – 27th. Hope you can drive by and see it there!!



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